Libor Hadrava’s Lam-Block

Hello! I’m really excited to share today’s review because I think it’s a very interesting and unique piece of gear that surprised me over and over again. I tried to keep this one pretty short because I’m hoping most of you will read it. Please take some time to check this one out!   Libor […]

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Shakerstix Review and Giveaway

Sorry for the lengthy delay between updates! I’ve been busily working on making some big changes to the site. DGR should have a new and expanded design in the coming months, and it’s just been more work than I’d  initially imagined. In the meantime, however, I’m ready to give some incredible gear away! I’ve got […]

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Pro-Mark Tubz

Designed in conjunction with player/educator Paul Wertico, Pro-Mark Tubz offer an excellent alternative to traditional sticks and mallets. At 16 ½” long by 1 ¼” thick, these light-weight, yet very durable plastic strikers find an interesting place in the range of conventional drum set timbres. To my ear, Tubz kind of split the difference between drumsticks and […]

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LP Professional Maracas with Video

Before we begin, I’m actively looking for new products for review. If there’s anything you’d like to see reviewed, please leave a comment or email me at On their website, Lain Percussion describes the Professional Maraca as the “most imitated maracas around,” and I’m sure they’re correct. I feel like I’ve seen a pair […]

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