Libor Hadrava’s Lam-Block

Hello! I’m really excited to share today’s review because I think it’s a very interesting and unique piece of gear that surprised me over and over again. I tried to keep this one pretty short because I’m hoping most of you will read it. Please take some time to check this one out!   Libor […]

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SilverFox Factory Tour

Hello! No new reviews for now as I’m currently on tour with a band called Decent Lovers. However, I was able to swing by the SilverFox Drumsticks and Grover Pro Percussion headquarters while playing a few shows in the Boston area. The place was awesome and the SF team was incredibly hospitable, offering me a […]

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Outsourcing Episode 1: Tymp-Tomming

I’m really exciting to finally share this (hopefully) first installment in a series of (somewhat) instructional videos that take a look at creating interesting and unique sounds using traditional drum set components and a few household items. I’m calling the series “Outsourcing” (I called it Outsourced in the video, but that was a horrible NBC […]

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SilverFox Sweet Pea Drumsticks

Earlier this year, I had an opportunity to check out a few of the drumsticks, rods and brushes available from SilverFox Percussion. After hearing so much about the quiet Massachusetts based company, I was eager to get a little hands-on experience with their product, and maybe get to the bottom of their “hit harder, lasts […]

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