Vater Hickory Wood Tip Fusion

Having played the Vater Fatback 3A for years, I recently decided to shed a few unneeded ounces and switch to a lighter model. Problem is, I was totally attached to the big, meaty tones offered by heavy shoulder and large ball tip of the Fatback. After a few weeks of searching and experimentation, I finally settled on the Vater Hickory Fusion.

The stick has, hands down, the most evenly balanced feel in my hand of any stick I’ve played. With a medium taper, mid-sized ball tip and roughly 5A handle, the Fusion is an excellent stick for the player who needs to navigate a number of different situations, but wants a consistent feel throughout. The round bead is both articulate and capable of drawing fat, round sounds from drums and cymbals. The coating is just tacky enough to offer an excellent grip, and the stick has just enough to size to handle any dynamic level required. The only stick I really need.

Vater Hickory Wood Tip Fusion at

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