Summer NAMM 2011 Report Part 2

Just a few more timely entries into the Drum Gear Review Summer NAMM 2011 journal. Comment if anything piques your interest.

Spencer Strand from Drumfun is a great dude with a ton of personality – plus, he’s created some of the most effective play along practice tools on the market. I’m currently working through the enormous Test of Time package that he describes in this video, and I’m having a whole lot of fun. With 86 tracks included, I’ll probably be working on it for quite some time.


I really love the idea behind Sabian’s The Mix box sets. Were I looking to buy a complete set of cymbals, I’d be much more likely to invest in a selection that includes more than one line. Also, blending mid-range cymbals with high-end models is a great way to offer an affordable package that offers more than the standard entry-level fare to young drummers on a budget. Excellent stuff.


Tucked waaay in the back of the NAMM show floor was a small Canadian company called Technique, who came all the way down to Nashville to show off their new Stave Hoops. The hoops, made from maple segments with a carbon fiber ring around the outside to add strength, have an eye catching design and a warm, woody tone that really impressed. Unfortunately, I can’t find any info on this company anywhere. If anyone knows how to find these hoops, please let me know. I’d love to hear more.

Sorry about the super low volume here. Turn it up!


Offering handmade, traditional African instruments, Ghana’s Powerful Drum Shop had a lot of really beautiful drums on display. In addition to crafting the Powerful Drum Shop instruments, owner Samuel Yeboah is also giving back a little something by donating a portion of all profits to the development of music education in his home country. When we spoke this summer, he was still searching for a US distributor.


I always get a kick out of seeing talented kids checking out musical equipment. People notice and starting taking pictures, then the kids start to show off a bit. No one’s irritated and all the spectators applaud when they’re finished. It’s a nice thing.

There was a ton of this happening on the final day of the Summer NAMM show, so I grabbed a couple clips of two power players sitting in on the Mapex Pro M and Drum Craft Series 8 kits respectively. Hope you enjoy.



Drum Craft


Check back soon for reviews of following:

Dream Bliss Ride Cymbals

The Kickport

LP Professional Maracas

Pro-Mark Tubz

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