Quick Torque Cam Update and Chris Dave

Happy Monday everyone!

Just wanted to pass along a little note about the Quick Torque Cam: Eccentric Systems is currently offering $20 cash back on the purchase of a QT unit. Head over to their website to order ASAP (email ES through the contact form on their site to make sure the discount is still available).

I reviewed the Quick Torque Cam a while back, and I’ve been totally hooked on it ever since. I’m usually a little wary of endorsing a product this emphatically, but I’m really impressed with how much it’s affected my footwork. Honestly, I don’t even find myself thinking about speedy double strokes or triplets anymore, I just play. It’s really satisfying, and I’d encourage anyone who’s unhappy with their current pedal (I wasn’t at all, but the QTC made it even better) to try this very affordable upgrade before investing in a new model all together. Check it out!


Unrelated, check out this clip of Chris Dave and Drumheadz from Sabian Live at the 2013 NAMM show. This was one of the most incredible shows I’ve seen in a very long time. Go see this band if they come near you.

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