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  1. Hi, last year you did a review on Agner drumsticks. You talked about using them for a show that evening. Any followup on the performance? Thanks, Mike

    1. Hi Michael,

      Actually, I did have some feedback. I used the George McCurdy signatures at a show that evening, and one of the tips essentially exploded during the performance. The handle and taper remained intact, but the tip splintered into a dozen or so pieces. Now, I’ll admit that I was playing very hard, but it was still a problem I’d never seen before.

      I contacted Agner about the problem, and they said they were actually already redesigning the tip to prevent that kind of problem in the future. The new McCurdy signature has a more rounded tip to prevent breakage, and is also a bit longer.

      Thanks for the inquiry!

      AJ/Drum Gear Review

  2. Hello. I am interested in advertising on your site. Also I am interested in a product review of The Sweet Spots drum dampners. Thank you. Scott

  3. Hello,
    Just found your site. I was thinking about Dennis Stauffer today – I’d had a Phattie kit built about 6 months before he passed. Read your interview – thanks for that. Reminds me of how much I liked him despite only chatting a couple times during the build of my kit. Now following your site – look forward to reading. Thanks, Darren

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