Outsourcing Episode 1: Tymp-Tomming

I’m really exciting to finally share this (hopefully) first installment in a series of (somewhat) instructional videos that take a look at creating interesting and unique sounds using traditional drum set components and a few household items. I’m calling the series “Outsourcing” (I called it Outsourced in the video, but that was a horrible NBC […]

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Phattie Distressed Acid Etched Snare

Specs: 14×7 10 ply maple shell Trick 007 snare throw and butt Puresound Custom snare wires Solid brass tube lugs Triple-flanged hoops Nylon snare straps Phattie proprietary edge   Something Special I live in an area with an uncommon affinity for high-quality, local craftsmanship. Asheville, NC hosts an ever-growing community of extremely talented artists and […]

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