Libor Hadrava’s Lam-Block

Hello! I’m really excited to share today’s review because I think it’s a very interesting and unique piece of gear that surprised me over and over again. I tried to keep this one pretty short because I’m hoping most of you will read it. Please take some time to check this one out!   Libor […]

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TRX Cymbal Mallets

Alright, for the first time since starting this website, I’m going to try and keep this review nice and tight. TRX was kind enough to send over a pair of their Cymbal Mallets, and I don’t want to bury the benefits in a sea of text. Also, these Cymbal Mallets will be given away in […]

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Say Hello to Slickbag

Before I get to the excellent Slickbag promo, please check out this video I put together to supplement my review of Crush Drums and Percussion’s Sublime Maple drums, M4 hardware package and M1 double pedal. The print review is out in the January 2012 issue of DRUM! Magazine. Crush Video Review  Regarding Slickbag; I’m very […]

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