Your Chance to Win a FREE Set of Cymbals!

No reviews today, but a huuuge announcement that I couldn’t be happier to share. In the coming months, I’ll be reviewing a beautiful set of cymbals, and when I’m done, I’ll be giving them to one lucky DGR reader! That’s right, one of you will win a FREE SET OF CYMBALS.

Before I’m ready to give this stuff away though, I need a little something in return. The Drum Gear Review Facebook page is sadly under-liked. So, as soon as it crosses the 500 fan mark, I’ll make a formal announcement about the cymbals and you can enter to win. Follow the link, hit that like button, and stay tuned to see how you can win a brand new set of cymbals!

6 thoughts on “Your Chance to Win a FREE Set of Cymbals!

  1. i would like to win a set of cymbal as i am a drummer i have a drum set but i need cymbals!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would love to have a great a set of cymbals. I can’t afford a high quality set but have the passion for drumming like no other. Some day I WILL be famous.

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