Shakerstix Review and Giveaway

Sorry for the lengthy delay between updates! I’ve been busily working on making some big changes to the site. DGR should have a new and expanded design in the coming months, and it’s just been more work than I’d  initially imagined. In the meantime, however, I’m ready to give some incredible gear away! I’ve got […]

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TRX Cymbal Mallets

Alright, for the first time since starting this website, I’m going to try and keep this review nice and tight. TRX was kind enough to send over a pair of their Cymbal Mallets, and I don’t want to bury the benefits in a sea of text. Also, these Cymbal Mallets will be given away in […]

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TRX Dark Icon Series Cymbals

  Having never lived particularly close to a large, well-stocked drum shop, I was, up until recently, mostly unfamiliar with TRX cymbals. I’d seen a few reviews, and I’d certainly noticed their appearance on the drum kits of just about every up and coming monster player on Youtube, but I’d yet to see any in […]

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Outsourcing Episode 1: Tymp-Tomming

I’m really exciting to finally share this (hopefully) first installment in a series of (somewhat) instructional videos that take a look at creating interesting and unique sounds using traditional drum set components and a few household items. I’m calling the series “Outsourcing” (I called it Outsourced in the video, but that was a horrible NBC […]

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Ear Filters

Reviewing hearing protection isn’t easy. On one hand it should be one of the most important and thoroughly researched decisions a musician makes; on the other hand, understanding the impact of a particular unit from a written description can be very difficult. However, after discovering Ear Filters at the 2011 Summer NAMM show, I felt […]

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Pro-Mark Tubz

Designed in conjunction with player/educator Paul Wertico, Pro-Mark Tubz offer an excellent alternative to traditional sticks and mallets. At 16 ½” long by 1 ¼” thick, these light-weight, yet very durable plastic strikers find an interesting place in the range of conventional drum set timbres. To my ear, Tubz kind of split the difference between drumsticks and […]

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SilverFox Sweet Pea Drumsticks

Earlier this year, I had an opportunity to check out a few of the drumsticks, rods and brushes available from SilverFox Percussion. After hearing so much about the quiet Massachusetts based company, I was eager to get a little hands-on experience with their product, and maybe get to the bottom of their “hit harder, lasts […]

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