Tuner Fish

First things first, if you read this on July 3, 2014 before 11:59PM ET, there’s still time to enter the Dream Cymbals and Libor Hadrava 10” Cymbal Stack Giveaway! Go get it! Tuner Fish Review Home Page US Sales Detuning is a real problem for thousands of drummers – even among those who aren’t typical […]

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Flatheadz by Eccentric Systems

Great news: Team DGR is growing once again! Please welcome new Drum Gear Review contributor, Josh V. Josh is a very thorough product tester with an excellent eye for detail. For his first piece, he put together this great review of Eccentric Systems’ Flatheadz hoops. Read, enjoy and let us know what you think! Also, don’t forget […]

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Lockerz by Gauger Percussion

By Mark M. Thanks for another great review, Mark! Check out Gauger Percussion’s website for ordering information and more details about Lockerz.  I recently pulled a tired and well used 1980’s Ludwig 14×6.5 Supraphonic snare off a dusty shelf in order to use it on an upcoming southern rock blues gig. I had purchased the […]

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