Tama Iron Cobra Single Pedal

As a long-time gear nerd, I have rarely found myself so satisfied with any one particular product that I am willing to ignore its competition. However, for the better part of ten years I’ve rehearsed, recorded and performed on the same bass drum pedal, with a complete lack of interest in exploring other options.

Tama’s Iron Cobra Power Glide Pedal has been such a consistent part of my drum set for so long, that it’s become almost an afterthought. With literally thousands of hours logged under my foot, I could count the number of problems I’ve had with the Iron Cobra on one hand.

While the Iron Cobra’s reliability has been so important to how much I value the pedal, it certainly isn’t the only reason. The machine is heavy enough to feel sturdy without the excess weight of other high-end pedals on the market. The IC is also wildly adjustable, engineered with enough options to keep even the most finicky foot happy. I try to avoid a lot of over-tweeking, but on those rare occasions that I’ve felt I needed a different feel, the cobra left nothing to be desired.

Finally, the Iron Cobra’s playability is, in my opinion, entirely unrivaled. Perfectly smooth from start to finish, the Power Glide cam has an effortless motion that gives your stroke that extra flick at the finish, really making each note pop. The double-chain drive never gets in the way of the recoil, and the heavily textured footboard makes staying connected to the pedal a total breeze. This kind of action makes the Iron Cobra perfectly suited for playing in any and every setting without issue.

In summary, this is one of the most important and effective pieces of equipment I own. With its extreme facility and included hard shell case, I can’t imagine investing in a different pedal.

Tama Iron Cobra at Amazon.com

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