Vater Vintage Bomber Beater


At about 3 ½ inches tall and 7 ½ inches around, the Vintage Bomber beater may look like a big, fluffy beast, but don’t let it’s imposing size fool you. This wooly mammoth is more than capable of navigating anything from bawdy rock and roll to whisper-quiet piano jazz.

With a cork center sheathed in soft wool, the Bomber doesn’t carry a lot of weight, but certainly enough to make a sizeable impact. The wool dramatically minimizes the attack of each stroke, but the benefit comes from big, round finish that follows. While this sound may not fly on your next punk or metal hit, the warm, heavy follow through has a great ‘70s arena rock feel.

One of my favorite things about the Vintage bomber is the changes that come with a little age. After a few weeks on the pedal, the impact zone began to flatten out, increasing the attack of each note. By slipping a beater weight right under the bottom edge, I was able to take the Bomber’s versatility to the next level. Augmenting the round, fat tone offered by the wool surface with a little extra punch had fellow drummers asking how I got that sound after every gig.

Whether you’re simply sick of the punchy pop of your regular beater, or just looking to a little variety, the Vintage Bomber Beater is an excellent investment for the drummer looking to add an extra voice to their bass drum choir.

Vater Vintage Bomber Beater

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