Summer NAMM 2011 Report

Thankfully, it only took me three months to put this Summer NAMM 2011 report together. The summer show is always much smaller than the one in Anaheim, but there was still plenty to see. Let me know what you think.

Slide Show


Istanbul Mehmet. I cannot say enough good things about this cymbal. I promise you, the video does not do it justice.

Ear Filters. Great hearing protection at a great price. I took home several pairs and always have one with me. Excellent investment. Review coming soon.

Dingdrum. Really cool recycled propane tanks turned melodic percussion. Great find.

Amedia Cymbals. Great cymbals from this recent import. Also, I wish I could have photographed the dude playing drums every day. This was probably the tamest of his outfits. Awesome.

Alesis. Lots of excellent electronic percussion from Alesis. The DM6 Session kit was easy to play and sounded great in person. Thanks to James for helping me out with this video.

Might have a few more clips coming next week. Thanks for reading.

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