Pearl S-2000 Snare Stand

Alright, I’ve been meaning to put an S-2000 review together for months, but of course, by the time I’m finally ready to post it, Pearl discontinued the item. However, they replaced it with the near-identical S-1030 as part of their Advance Hardware Systems line. The stands are similar enough that I feel like the review will still be able to give some insight into the new model. Well, hopefully. If anyone’s using the new S-1030, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Email me at We can gab.

Oh, and don’t forget to enter the Superdrum contest. You could win a free snare. Come on, dude.

To get a better feel for the new S-1030, here’s a quick look at Pearl’s Advanced Hardware System.

Pearl S-2000 Snare Stand

Pearl S-2000

Height: 18.5 – 26”

Adjustable width basket fits 10-16” drums

Heavy duty steel construction

Double braced legs

360 degree tilter

Reversible spike and rubber feet

Price: $133.83 at

I’m a huge hardware geek. I love well crafted, efficient and innovative drum set hardware. Case in point, I recently purchased a new set of cymbal stands, and I was no less excited about them than I was the last time I purchased a snare drum. The stuff just makes me happy. Again, that’s mostly because I’m a huge nerd.

Anyway, I first purchased the S-2000 Snare Stand about ten years ago. I was using a 10” snare in the main position (trying so hard to be different), and I saw super glossy ad for Pearl’s new adjustable snare stand. I pulled the trigger right away. Obviously, I was thinking that a snare stand capable of adjusting the basket width down to 10” would fit my tiny little drum more effectively, making me a better drummer and a better person all around.

Well, I was right about the fit at least. I was still a douchebag, but I can’t blame Pearl for that. The stand performed perfectly, and the extra adjustability made handling all of my stupid snare drum size phases incredibly easy. Ten years later, I’m still happy I made the purchase. And, that’s my review.

No, I’m kidding. There’s waaaay more. Sorry, I’m a talker.

Big Basket

The centerpiece of the S-2000 is the adjustable snare basket. Each of the three basket arms is on a sliding track with marked indicators for snare drums sized from 10-16”. The tracks lock in place with a simple drum key bolt, and hold tight with no trouble. Even after so many years of use (this is the only snare stand I’ve used for rehearsals and shows since buying it), the arms move smoothly and rarely slip out of position.

Adjustable Arm

Functionally, this might seem like a bit of overkill, but I’ve regularly used 10, 12, 13 and 14” snare drums in the time that I’ve own the S-2000, and adjusting the basket size to fit the drum du jour has always been easier than trying to find the right balance between height and basket tightness. This is really the reason I bought the stand, and I feel like it paid off.

Another point of interest on the basket is the unique Air Suspension Rubber Tip at the end of each arm. The regular claws are replaced by a large rubber grip with an air gap (see photo) between the contact point and the metal post. This adds a little suspension buffer between the drum and the stand which is designed to increase resonance. Truthfully, I’ve never noticed much difference between the way snares sound on S-2000 versus other stands, but I’ve certainly never had a problem with a drum choking abnormally.

The arm tips could be a little over-engineered, but even if I didn’t noticed the results of their intended purpose, I feel like it’s still worth mentioning that they fit over counterhoops very easily. Even when the basket is a little loose, the arms still offer a comfortably secure hold without too much pressure.

Nuts and Bolts

Beyond the basket, the S-2000 offers a few other features worthy of mention. But first, I should add that despite the arm width adjustments above, the stand uses the traditional swivel nut method for loosening and tightening the basket as a whole.

The swivel nut is a comfortably large, 3-node plastic unit with a threaded metal center for easy movement. Again, after more than ten years of hard wear and tear, the nut still functions without issue. I should add that I am not kind to my hardware. As much as I love it, I consistently treat it like I’m  mad at it, and for a stand with this many moving parts to go problem-free for so long is pretty remarkable. Good stuff.


The GyroLock tilter on the S-2000 is another really satisfying part of the stand’s design. Featuring two toothless pivots that adjust with a single, large toggle wingnut, the tilter makes even the craziest positioning easy. This was particularly helpful when I tried to set up a foot snare, because the thing could go completely horizontal without a fight.

My only problem with the tilter is that the toggle wingnut will occasionally get in the way of the basket swivel nut when the basket is opened all the way. This really isn’t a huge issue as you only need to move the swivel nut a few inches to get it out of the way, but it can be a little tricky when you’re trying to make a blind adjustment on a gig. Looking at the photo of the new S-1030, though, it looks like that problem has been remedied by moving the toggle wingnut.

Reversible FeetFlip Flops

The last thing I want to mention is the reversible foot design. The S-2000 uses feet that can alternate between metal spikes and rubber bumpers. While I really enjoyed the ability to switch between the two options (for carpeted or wood floors, respectively), it didn’t last very long. Within just a couple of months, all three of the rubber feet fell off and disappeared during transport (seriously, it’s like these things grew legs and ran off). Had the foot included some kind of locking mechanism, I’d still have those cozy rubber shoes.

Again, it’s worth mentioning that this issue looks like it’s been corrected on the new S-1030. The stand appears to still have both options available, but now in a more traditional foot design with a recessed, sliding spike. Edit: Pearl’s Marketing Manager informed me that the new S-1030 can be equipped with the same push-button reversible feet found on the S-2000.

Wrap Up

Will Pearl‘s S-2000 (or the updated S-1030) make a you a better drummer and a better person? Well, probably not. Will it give you some extra flexibility when it comes to positioning a range of different snare drum sizes? Absolutely.

This is a very functional, very effectively designed stand that can handle an arsenal of drums with no problem. The adjustable basket resizes easily, and the measured inch markings are a really thoughtful inclusion.

Finally, the fact that the S-2000 hasn’t given me a single major problem in nearly a decade is probably the biggest selling point of all. Really remarkable. This is an extremely well-crafted piece of equipment that I’m very happy to have in my bag at all times.

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