Sweet SilverFox Contest!

Alright, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to post anything here. Sorry about the hold up, but work just took over for a while. I’ll have another review up soon (hopefully Wednesday), along with the return of Stick of the Week.

Also, we will finally be announcing the winner of the Superdrum Giveaway on Wednesday!

But, for now, I wanted to share this great contest from our good friends at SilverFox Drumsticks. Follow the link on the banner below and PLEASE watch the video. Super funny.


Contest Rules:

  • Videos must be less than 1 minute.
  • Videos will be judged on content only, not quality/editing. It can be a live performance or a “staged” recording. And don’t think you have to do the same tired tricks. Wow us, make us laugh!
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube and made publicly viewable.
  • Video titles must contain the phrase “SilverFox Ridiculous Stick Tricks” (e.g. something like “Joey Bagodonuts Does SilverFox Ridiculous Stick Tricks”).
  • Videos must be submitted via the entry form between April 1 and April 30.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • This contest is open to EVERYONE! We don’t care if you’re playing a custom kit at Madison Square Garden or you’re playing a gourd on the streets of Ghana!

✭ 24 pairs of SilverFox drumsticks, your choice of model(s) ✭
✭ Your signature or logo pad-printed on the sticks ✭
✭ StikSak ✭
✭ 3 pairs of multi-rods: B.O.D.s™, Clawstix™, and Nitestalks™ ✭
✭ $200 gift certificate useable on GroverCustom.com ✭

1st Runner-up – $400 VALUE!
✭ 24 pairs of SilverFox drumsticks ✭
✭ StikSak ✭
✭ $150 gift certificate useable on GroverCustom.com ✭

2nd Runner-up – $150 VALUE!
✭ 12 pairs of SilverFox drumsticks ✭
✭ StikSak ✭ – See more here

Those are some pretty incredible prizes. I wish I could pull of stick tricks, but unfortunately, I might be worse than Dave (again, watch the video).

Get your twirl on!

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