Alesis PercPad Review

As the shape of modern music continues to evolve, incorporating electronic sampling instruments into traditionally acoustic settings is becoming more and more common – and that’s no less true among drum set players. Unfortunately, investing in effective sampling units is incredibly expensive, making it difficult for most average working drummers to take the plunge. Thankfully, […]

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Sweet SilverFox Contest!

Alright, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to post anything here. Sorry about the hold up, but work just took over for a while. I’ll have another review up soon (hopefully Wednesday), along with the return of Stick of the Week. Also, we will finally be announcing the winner of the Superdrum […]

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Pearl S-2000 Snare Stand

Alright, I’ve been meaning to put an S-2000 review together for months, but of course, by the time I’m finally ready to post it, Pearl discontinued the item. However, they replaced it with the near-identical S-1030 as part of their Advance Hardware Systems line. The stands are similar enough that I feel like the review […]

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